Mixing plant

The complete removal of plugs must be achieved to bring the wellbore online and achieve maximum production. Failure to remove plugs causes formation decline and associated nonproductive time (NPT).

ExStream’s frac-stim solutions effectively remove all plugs, even in highly-deviated, long-horizontal wellbores. Operators save time on location and overall well costs by using effective plug drilling chemistries that reduce the number of required trips.

ExStream’s chemical trailers provide large quantities of specialty chemicals to mixing plants and pump trucks. The trailers’ meters ensure accurate chemical delivery, and using large totes minimizes well site waste by eliminating chemical buckets.

Oilfield mixing plant units are designed to enhance the fluid capabilities and chemical hydration of a coil tubing unit during the drill out of plugs and or the clean out of laterals and toe preps before fracing. ExStream’s oilfield mixing plants are trailer mounted, which have the ability to mix the chemicals (friction reducer, pipe on pipe lubricant, xanthan slurry, biocide) used for the drill out process with a double tank system and dedicated pump for each tank.

Our chemical mixing plant has a 100 BBL Total Capacity . The 60 BBL working tank has a 5×4 centrifugal pump coupled with 1) shearing jet and 1) dual agitators, specifically engineered to the pump capabilities. This tank is used to continuously hydrate the chemicals for mechanical lubricity during the drill out process. The pumps have been designed and tested to pump to the pumping unit at variable rates ranging from .5 BBLS to 10 BBLS per minute and continuously hydrate the chemicals simultaneously.

The mixing plant has a dedicated hopper for other uses of chemicals (powdered mixers) if required.
The sweep tank is a 40 BBL tank with a 5×4 centrifugal pump, coupled with 1) Shearing jet and 1) agitator capable of 10 BBLS per minute to the pumping unit and continuously hydrate the viscosifiers simultaneously. This tank also has access to the dedicated hopper for chemical mixture. Each of our tanks have variable speed control with ranges from .5 BPM up to 17 BPM.
The work tank (60 BBLS) will circulate internally at 20 bpm. The Sweap tank (40 BBL) will circulate internally at 15 BPM.

These units are designed to be utilized on open and or closed loop procedures.


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