Frac Fluids

Friction Reducers
High pressures during fracturing stages limits the amount of fluids that can be effectively pumped downhole. ExStreams friction reducers decrease pressures up to 30% better than alternative products, so that clients can pump greater volumes of proppant through perforations.

ExStream offers a wide variety of surfactants designed to optimize well performance. Our surfactants range from water-wetting downhole tubulars to remediating of formation damage potential. The solutions also reduce workover operations and boost return on investment.

Scale Inhibitors
Scales formed due to water incompatibilities during the fracturing stage can lead to failures. ExStreams inhibitors prevent such incompatibilities to extend the life of coil tubing and related equipment. Inhibitors treat a broad range of scale types and penetrate the crystalline structures to prevent them from forming.

Using biocides during fracturing is a critical step in preventing bacteria formation downhole.  If the water used during a frac is contaminated, bateria can spread throughout the formation, damaging porosity and permeability. This contamination creates added expenses for the operator, which will continue for years down the road. With ExStreams biocide line, customers minimize bacteria-related problems, thereby reducing chemical spending over the life of the wells.

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