Completion Fluids

ExStream is an industry provider of quality completion chemicals.

Friction Reducers 
Excess frictional forces are common in extended reach operations. When this occurs, operators are unable to pump at optimal rates for effective cleaning  of the wellbore and cuttings transport. ExStream continually evaluates friction reducers under varying conditions and develops new products that are the best performers in the market. Based on unbiased, third-party lab results, ExStreams friction reducers reduce friction better than competing polymers and allow operators to pump higher flow rates at lower costs.

Pipe on Pipe – Lubricants
ExStream only uses the most highly effective lubricants, which significantly lower the metal on metal coefficient of friction in order to reduce torque and drag. Our line of lubricants have the lowest coefficient of friction compared to other leading pipe on pipe fluids.

Viscosifying Gel
In a horizontal wellbore, fluid velocity is not adequate to effectively clean the wellbore. As such, high-cutting carrying capacity polymers are required to properly clean the wellbore and prevent pipe sticking and other related issues.
ExStreams line provides a premium viscosity profile for cleaning the horizontal wellbore and includes gel slurries, dry powders and polymers. Liquid xanthan gum product delivers the highest thixotropic properties in the industry. Slurried systems are environmentally-friendly, possess no BETX and have extended shelf life to deliver a uniform quick-yielding product.

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