About US

ExStream Services was rebranded in 2019 following its acquisition by IPS International, an oil and gas service company with operations in the U.S. and Latin America, headquartered in Conroe, Texas.

Our goal is to provide quality services and products to our Clients at competitive prices. ExStream works closely with Clients to provide the best solution for each unique project, and to achieve the optimal results.

We keep at the forefront of technology by continually complementing our inventory with new and enhanced products which improve the performance of our operations, and as a result deliver better services to our Clients. 

Exstream Services is a private company created by experts in the drilling industry, with experience in the oil & gas and geothermal sectors around the world.

We are a company dedicated to provide  services for the oil & gas and geothermal industries; we are committed to satisfy the requirements of our clients with the consciousness to prevent pollution and staff illnesses by identifying environmental aspects and evaluating possible at work risk. We implement a continual improvement philosophy with the purpose to optimize the operations of our clients.

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of quality for products and services within the oil & gas industry, and to become the best alternative choice for our clients.

To be a national leader in mixing plant services and completion fluids & frac chemicals.

Our personnel is the highest value we possess because they procure to create a work environment based on the following values:

•       To be honest and loyal
•       To take care of the company because it is our source of                           subsistence, progress and success
•       To work in teams with creativity, initiative, enthusiasm and                       discipline
•       To commit to work with safety, health, environmental awareness             and quality
•       To serve with responsibility and respect

•       H2S
•       Electrical safety
•       Back safety
•       Lock-out/tag-out
•       Fork lift – Man Lift
•       Rigger Certification
•       Confined spaces
•       Drug & alcohol testing/awareness
•       HAZCOM
•       Ladder safety
•       Fire extinguisher deployment
•       Test pump operations and maintenance
•       Hydraulic wrenches operations and maintenance
•       Mixing plant operations and maintenance
•       Filter pod operations and maintenance
•       Advanced chemical awareness and safe usage

We not only have the best chemicals for the job, but our safety training is second to none. With intensive training, we strive to eliminate on site injuries and environmental impacts from the workplace.

We go above and beyond to ensure that we operate with the highest standards of health and safety at all times.

•       PEC Core Safety Training
•       Continuous Internal Testing
•       OSHA Approved
•       API Certified
•       Members of ISNetworld
•       Strict enforcement of DOT (Department of Transportation) rules
•       Strict enforcement of PPE – personal protective equipment.                       Includes: Fire-rated clothing (FRC), safety glasses, boots, gloves,               etc.
•       Daily & monthly safety meetings
•       Regular on-site safety audits
•       Daily site-specific training
•       Pre-shift and post-shift inspections
•       Extensive training on all equipment use and coordinated training             that will allow different pieces of equipment to work together
•       Qualified team members are cross-trained to operate multiple                   pieces of equipment. Our team has the specialized skills to handle           the job safely
•       Multiple layers of qualified and experienced supervision